Danian International Group Linking knowledge, experience and technology We offer high performance products and attractive services and solutions in all fields of cellulose, printing and packaging industries, including dough-making machinery and equipment, paper production, cardboard and cardboard containers, sheet-making machinery and equipment, machine Flexo and carton printing machines and equipment are made. In addition, the commercial department of our collection has shown good talent in supplying raw materials, spare parts and consumables. Danish Logo According to our management philosophy: "Creating new value", we at Danian International Group strive to contribute to the well-being of society through our business activities, by creating and presenting "new value" in a way that only Danian International Collection It can bring more benefits to our customers and our community. In today's world, the "values" around us are increasingly and rapidly changing and becoming more diverse. In such a business environment, we strive to identify the "values" pursued by our customers and our community and respond precisely to their needs, creating new growth opportunities. "Shaping ideas" reflects our determination to keep our promise that "we contribute to the satisfaction of society and the welfare of the whole by responding to the demands of our customers and society." We are still committed to continuing our evolution and growth to build a company that, through innovation, inspires various businesses and people's daily lives.


Transparency and honesty
There is no doubt that the goals of a business ultimately determine its approach. When we honestly share everything with our customers, it will be easier for customers to trust us and our profession. Because we have a long-term vision and we are not looking for short-term and momentary benefits. So customer trust is our capital; We will also protect this capital well.
Customer centric
Achieving a deep customer focus is not possible just by purchasing customer relationship management software and tracking customer purchases. Rather, it is an in-depth view of who the customer is and what the customer expects. We are constantly seeking and appreciating these values.
Companies that create a positive work environment receive a steady stream of ideas from all employees. We consider creativity to be the main foundation of the product and service creation process.
How strong is your motivation? We want to change the world. Designing new products, creating new models, cultivating elite forces and…
Participation and learning
Participation at all levels within the organization and its development into external communication in the industry, is one of our important values that leads to increased productivity, increased collective satisfaction, increased quality of work, more flexibility, increased commitment to goals and motivation.
Commitment and accountability
We have a healthy customer feedback cycle. Through our research and inquiries about customer service, we find out what they want and need. Our teams are always accountable to our customers and work tirelessly to ensure that customers are central to our decisions and innovation. And we hear from the same customers how happy they are that their suggestions and messages are heard and the necessary actions are taken.


  • First design of Cardboard Production line

    Everything started from here…
  • Pensareh Co. Founded

    May 7, 1994 Designing & Manufacturing Flexo Printing & Box making machinery
  • Unveiling Big size Jumbo

    March 11, 1998 The first Flexo printing machine with vacuum transfer system in Iran.
  • Unveiling ME-Star

    December 31, 2005 The first Full automated in-line Servo Drive Flexo Printing machine in the Middle East.
  • NAIP (Novin Arman Industries Promotion) established

    February 13, 2010 Exclusive representation of global companies in Iran.
  • Sharpump (Fluid transfer solutions) established.

    December 13, 2011
  • Danian International Group Founded.

    March 17, 2015 With the goal of expanding our activities to world wide markets.
  • Unveiling Aurora series

    April 14, 2015 the new series of Flexo Printing & converting machinery
  • Establishing new office in Iran

    February 28, 2018 With the goal of expanding capacity and giving more professional services.
  • New Persian Website

    May 7, 2018 Designing and updating the new Persian website of Danian International Group with the aim of strengthening communication with customers and sharing products, services, newspapers and up to date science of the industry.
  • New websites in English & Arabic Languages

    March 11, 2019